8 Wedding Dress Trends for 2019

It’s the beginning of the new year and every season is wedding season. We’re excited to meet all the brides that are ready to look for their perfect dress. We’d love to have you come in and help find that perfect dress to share happy memories in on your big day. But for now here are 6 trends that are on the rise for this year that we think will give you inspiration for your dream dress. We hope you say YES!

All Over Sparkle

We all want to shine bright like a diamond and what better way than to have a dress dripping in sparkle. Your wedding dress can have beading, sequins, pearl detailing, metallic coloring, shimmer or a combination of these. Brides can even add some sparkle to a lace dress to give it more pop when walking down the isle or having the first dance. You can go from over the top to subtle! But no worries this trend will guarantee all eyes on you. This 2019 wedding trend is perfect for those who want to feel extra special on their special day.

Tip: You don’t need to search the world for the perfect accessories because you are your own accessory!

Pockets! Pockets! Pockets!

Surprise all your guests when you pull your vows out of your POCKETS! With this wedding trend, you can have and hold any of your wedding day essentials. Who says your wedding dress can’t be beautiful and functional? Not only can you hide your phone in those pockets, but you can put your hands in them! This is perfect for those brides who don’t know where to put their hands when taking wedding photos. To keep the pockets hidden, they are sewed into the side seam of the skirt. With the growing number of brides looking for this today, we look forward to seeing how designers incorporate this new trend into more dresses.


For the bride that is more whimsical and theatrical, adding a cape will do wonders for your big day look. With a cape, it’s perfect for those who want to be modest. With lots of different styles out you’re bound to find one that matches your style. You’re able to change the length for drama or material for your desired movement, such as fur, lace, or feathers. Another fun addition to capes is adding decorations like a string of diamonds that drapes over you shoulders for something flashier. Capes have become much more versatile over the years. Some can be built in for the wedding or just an accessory for photos. It can be ideal for fall or winter weddings! Those who live here in Washington State know it can get chilly and you don’t want to cover up that dress with a coat. We don’t have a doubt that a cape can make you feel powerful.

Illusion Bodice

The illusion bodices have been on the rise for the past couple years; giving the average women a way to show both skin while staying more conservative. You’re able to change the material based off how much you are wanting to show. You can have your dress semi-sheer along the neckline or lower down onto the skirt. Another fun thing about illusion bodices is you can use lace to soften the look or tulle for a more city inspired look. For those who are willing to embrace this trend, Samila Boutique will do everything we can to make you feel comfortable in fitting you into the dress of your dreams! Ask about our nude liners.

Clean and Minimal

Last year we had the biggest event of the year: the Royal wedding! Meghan Markle walked down the isle in a simple and elegant Givenchy wedding dress. Making a new “simple is better” trend for 2019. Now we can’t wait to see you embrace this look. Lots of brides want big, bold and flashy but the new Dutchess has shined a new light on minimal. These clean cut dresses have extraordinary craftsmanship that you won’t be able to take your eyes off of. A nice silk or satin (glossy or matte) material with clean lines will bring you a delicate trendy surprise and a blank canvas for accessorizing. We, at Samila Boutique, will find you a dress fit for a royal Wedding.

3D Lace

We all love lace—it’s delicate and romantic. For years, countless women have been looking for ways to modernize this timeless look. Brides can look ethereal with 3D lace! Giving a 3D element to lace adds an extra pop that will make the bride feel like a fairy. Flowers made of chiffon or tulle can give brides that fantasy like movement that they only dreamed of while walking down the isle. Having this 3D element can help define the waistline and adds gorgeous texture. Make an appointment at our boutique and come feel this lace for yourself.

Soft A-Line

A-line is a very classic cut and it’s never going out of style. It’s a flattering look—it’s fitted at the top and flares out naturally at the waist. The trend this year has shifted to a soft A-line, where there is less chemise in the skirt. This style fits closer to the body and can be very flattering. The look is delicate and will look amazing on every body type.

Detachable Skirts

What I told you that you can have one wedding dress, but two amazing looks. Detachable skirts allow you to have a unique, custom dress that will surprise all our guests. You can have the dramatic skirt for your ceremony and/or first dance and then take it off to reveal a different look for your reception. This is also perfect for brides who can’t decide between what style and shape they want. You don’t have to decide between a ball gown or mermaid, you can have both! This is a great, affordable option for brides on a budget.

We have most of these designers in our bridal showroom and we’ll happily assist you in finding the dress of your dreams!

Contributor: Ann Dinh

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