Best ways to use pampas grass in your wedding!

Hey ladies! So I’m sure you have been seeing these awesome “fluffy” looking things being used in wedding decor on pinterest. What are they? They are these awesome fluffy looking dried leaves! They have been all the rage for a hot minute and are super cheap to! If you have no idea what so ever what on earth im on about, check out bellow on how you could use it on your big day!


Line the Isle with these stunning plumes of grass to give your wedding a luxe unique look on your big day. These looks like stunning large feathers without the cost!




2. Backdrop

Add some pampas grass as a backdrop for selfies or a photobooth! These are a cool new way to use them! They give great texture to your natural photobooth/ backdrops.





3. Bouquet

Add some to your bouquet for some texture for a rustic look for all you outdoor wedding brides. This is a cheap way to add some warm tones and some variety in length as well.





4. Center Pieces

Add some as hanging or table center pieces arrangements at the reception  for a dense large way to add texture at the reception. These looks so lovely like feathers!






5. Archway

Making an archway or set at the alter



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so what do you guys think of pampas grass? yay or nay? We think they add a sense of rustic luxe that is super affordable and super beautiful! Definitely an under used decor item in weddings. This grass complements any romantic, rustic, outdoor wedding!




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