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  • Beloved Trunk Show: Friday, September 20, 2019 – Sunday, September 22, 2019
  • Curvy/Plus Size Trunk Show: Friday, September 20, 2019 – Sunday, September 29, 2019

What is a Bridal Trunk Show?

A Trunk Show is a type of special event in which a bridal salon will feature a designer’s collection for a limited time. This offers you, the bride, a unique opportunity to view and try on brand new wedding dresses that you probably have never seen before. Trunk Shows are an event that you don’t want to miss out on! There may also be added bonuses that you won’t get from a typical bridal appointment.

Come and shop the brand new dresses in store available for 2 weeks! Purchase one of the gowns from the collection and get some extra bonuses. All the gowns available will be under $1,000, plus you will get an added 10% off! Did we mention that all the wedding dresses are customizable? You can also purchase the custom matching veil and when you do, you’ll get 30% off the veil. You will also receive an autographed sketch of your gown from the designer and a $100 gift card towards the Lasting App. Book an appointment with us to visit this amazing collection and invite your loved ones!

Check our Instagram @samilaboutique to see photos of what dresses are coming in!

You just got engaged! Congratulations! You’ve got so much to do now regarding your wedding. The most exciting part would have to be buying your wedding dress. You must have thought about this moment for a long time and in order to make sure everything goes smoothly, you should start planning and shopping early. Before you can take a dress home, you have find, order, and alter your dress. We’ve created a wedding dress timeline to help you get the dress of your dreams in time for your wedding. We’ve planned it out about 12 months before the wedding day. 

12 Months

Set a Budget

You can’t start wedding dress shopping without determining how much you want to budget. It can be heartbreaking to have your sights on a wedding dress that’s out of your price range. Choosing a budget will help your bridal consultant guide you to the right dresses. Your dress budget shouldn’t just include the dress, but consider the cost of alterations, tax, shipping (if applicable), shoes, veil, and accessories

Do Your Research

In order to make the most out your time, figure out what you like and don’t like. You don’t need to figure what exact silhouette or style you want. You just need a sense of which dress styles best match your personal style and the fabrics, necklines, silhouettes, and details your interested in. Save photos or make a Pinterest board of whatever resonates with you. The type of venue you want can be helpful in narrowing down a look or considering which silhouettes fit your body shape. Any research you do will help you narrow down your options, but keep an open mind! Your bridal consultant, friends, and family will be there to help you find the perfect dress. You might even end up with a dress that surprises you. Make your first bridal appointment!

9 Months

Buy Your Dress

Now is the time to say “yes” to the dress. You should make your final decision and put down a deposit! This may seem a little early but, most wedding dresses are custom-ordered, meaning they need to be created and then shipped to your salon. This process can take up to 12 to 20 weeks. Your salon will let you know as soon as it’s ready.

6 Months

Choose Your Wedding Shoes

Wearing these to your fittings will make it easier to get proper measurements for any needed alterations, such as hemming. When choosing the height of your shoes, consider how long you’ll be on your feet. You have a plethora of options when it comes to deciding on your wedding shoe from a daring heel to an ankle-strap sandal to a comfy sneaker.

Get Your Undergarments

Before you make that fitting appointment, you need to purchase any undergarments that you’ll be wearing. Undergarments can include your bra, body shapers, and slips. Consider your dress’s neckline, bodice, and back when searching for the right pieces. You might want to add some fluff and bounce in your skirt with a petticoat.

Decide On Your Accessories

It’s all in the details! It’s best to know exactly what you want in advance, especially since you’ve already chosen your dress. Before alterations, decide on if you want to add a sash or any other adornments onto your dress. At this point you can also choose which hair accessories and jewelry that you’ll be wearing on the day of your wedding. Are you going to go for a veil or any embellished hair pieces?

3 Months

Have Your First Fitting

Your dress is here and you’ll be putting it on for the first time! Don’t forget to bring your shoes, undergarments and any accessories you’d like to try on with your dress to the first fitting. You can also let your tailor know about any additions or substitutions you want to make to the dress such as, adding sleeves or changing the closure.

You’ll most likely make multiple fitting appointments. It’s important to get the timing of each alterations appointment right. Scheduling your fittings too early may result with a dress that doesn’t fit properly—your body may fluctuate in weight. If you bring your gown in too late, there won’t be enough time for alterations. At each fitting, pay attention to how your dress feels and let your tailor know about your concerns.

6 to 8 Weeks

Have Your Second Fitting

All the hard work was done during your first fitting. The second fitting is when you get to see your changes come together and see if any minor revisions that need to be made. Make sure you walk around the salon to guarantee you’re happy with the length, fit and any other alterations made.

2 to 3 Weeks

Have Your Final Fitting

Your dress is in it’s final form and you might want to bring some tissues! You’re going to see yourself so close to what you’ll see on your wedding day! Bring someone special to bask in this moment with you! At this point you can bring your dress home and stare at it. Just make sure you store it away from your significant other and store it safely in a breathable bag.

1 Day

Make Sure You Have Everything

Your wedding is 24 hours away! Keep all your pieces together to ensure you don’t forget anything on your big day. It also allows you to transport everything to your venue easier. An optional tool to have on hand is a steamer to get those wrinkles out.

Wedding Day

Be Beautiful!

It’s your big day! With your steamer on hand, make sure your dress is wrinkle-free! It would be wise to have your hair and makeup done before you get dressed. You’ll need about 30 minutes to get dressed and don’t worry you don’t have to do it alone—your bridesmaids are there! After that you can relax and get married! Congratulations! 

Contributor: Ann Dinh

Every bride wants to feel like perfection on their wedding day, which is why months are spent searching for the perfect gown. Followed by several fittings closer to her wedding day to make sure the dress fits her like a glove. Some brides are lucky and will find a dress that needs minimal alterations, but for other brides, they will need to have 20-40 hours of work completed on their gown.

Something every bride should consider before they say “yes to the dress” is the alteration difficulty and cost. Bridal gowns are different than regular dresses. Their fabrics are delicate and the dresses are complex. They are one of the most carefully crafted garments and requires a team of experienced professionals to make one. Thus altering a bridal gown will require a different price point and time frame to work on. Bridal alterations have an industry average cost of $400-$800 and every seamstress or salon will structure their fees differently. Some charge per service and others charge a flat fee that covers everything that you want done to the dress. When you pay a seamstress, you are paying for their time, craftsmanship, and cost of materials. There are several factors that play into the cost such as, how difficult the alteration is, the type of gown, the material of the gown, the additions made to the gown, etc. All these factors play together.

Every bridal gown  is different and unique, so each bride’s dress is going to need different things. You might not know what changes you want to make to your dress. If you don’t know, don’t hesitate to ask! Your seamstress or tailor will work with you to figure out a plan.

The Hem

The bottom of your wedding dress will almost always need to be shortened. Most manufacturers offer the option of the dress hems shorter and sometimes longer for a reasonable fee. It’s easier to shorten the hem than to elongate it. When it comes to hems, you could be dealing with up to 8 layers. It would be like hemming multiple gowns! If your gown has lace and/or beading, those elements need to be taken off before adding it back to the final hem length. Many gowns have horsehair, which is a plastic webbing, in the hem to give it body and that is one of the difficult hems to deal with. If the gown has a scalloped border hem, that too is a difficult challenge. The hem is often takes the longest to adjust and can range from $150-$450.

The Sides

A gown may need to be taken in at different points to show more of the body shape and curves. You could be taking in the bust, waist, hips, or a combination of the three. The cost for taking in the sides will depend on how much they need to take in because it would be just the waist or it could be along the entire seam. Again, the seamstress will have to take apart the multiple layers. There is the outer fabric, the underlining, the lining, and then many times there is an overlay of lace, organza, mesh or chiffon. When the outer layer has the addition of embellishments, they have to be carefully removed by hand. The threads where they are removed from need to be tied off so they don’t continue to unravel. Then once the alteration is complete, all the beads & sequins have to be hand sewn back on. Most of the time, the boning also has to be cut down during an alteration.

The Bustle

If you have a train, you may need a bustle, which is when there are added buttons, hooks or ribbons into the dress to lift up the train or tucking it into itself.  There are different types of bustles that you can discuss with your seamstress. The average bride will only spend a short time during her ceremony wearing the gown with her train elegantly trailing behind her. She will spend the majority of her time with it bustled up during the reception to make it easier for her to move around. The bustle needs to be durable enough to withstand sitting on it and dancing for a few hours in it and even possibly people accidentally stepping on her hemline. You do not want the bustle to break! This alteration is often overlooked, but is truly a logistical necessity.

The Bust Cups

Bust cups can be added to your dress to take place of a bra or to enhance the bustline. You can also take the cups out if they don’t fit your bust well or you have a certain type of bra you want to wear instead.

The Straps

Many wedding dresses are made with longer straps to fit a wide variety of brides and it is an easy alteration to do. Some dresses are strapless and some brides like to add some to prevent the dress from falling down. This is also not a problem as long as long as you find the right fabric and size for you! Removing straps can be harder, as it depends on the structure of the dress. If the dress is backless and doesn’t have enough structure to stay up without them, then the straps might have to stay. We often recommend adding straps to the dress, even if they are worn tucked in, and only pulled out as needed in the reception. This will add a sense of security and provide a backup of mishaps.

The Sleeves

If you want something to over you up a little more, sleeves are a good option! You could get short cap sleeves, ¾ length sleeves, or just go full long sleeves. This is a simple alteration that you can discuss with your seamstress. You can also go the opposite way and take alter the current sleeves. But the pricing will depend on how much embellishments are on the sleeves.

The Neckline

Neckline alterations can make a big impact! You can either close or open your neckline. Some wedding dresses have an illusion neckline that can be taken off if the bride wishes. Some brides prefer v-necks to show off a little more skin. But the necklines available to you may depend on your dress and how much you’re willing to spend. A simpler wedding dress made with a few layers of fabric may be easy to alter, but the same alteration done on a wedding gown with an intricately constructed bodice may be cost more than it’s worth.

The Back

The front of the dress is important, but people also look at the back, especially when you’re walking down the aisle. You may want to take away some material and have the back open. But you can also build a back onto a strapless dress if you wanted to. If you want this alteration, it requires a lot of planning with your seamstress to get it perfect! This might cost you a pretty penny depending on what you want to do.

The Embellishments

Depending on your style you may want your dress to be glamourous or toned-down. Some brides want their dress to be blinged out or they want even more sparkle than there already is. This allows the bride’s dress to be more personalized. A bride could feel like the dress is too much and may overpower her and in some cases, it’s possible to remove elements. An easier alteration would be adding a belt or sash to add some bling or a pop of color!

The Closure

Wedding dresses have different closures on them. There are zippers, buttons, and corset backs! Buttons are a nice detail to have and looks very elegant. Corset backs gives you some wiggle room if you lose or gain a little weight. Wanting to alter the closure is common and is something to discuss with your seamstress!

Make sure you go into your fittings often to make sure the dress is to your liking. During your fittings, make sure you wear the same undergarments, shoes and accessories you plan to wear on the actual wedding day.  Make sure the tailor you choose to work with hears your vision and that you are equally willing to listen when they advise something is not a good idea. This ensures that everything will look exactly how you want on your wedding day and the best possible tailoring.

Contributor: Ann Dinh

It’s the beginning of the new year and every season is wedding season. We’re excited to meet all the brides that are ready to look for their perfect dress. We’d love to have you come in and help find that perfect dress to share happy memories in on your big day. But for now here are 6 trends that are on the rise for this year that we think will give you inspiration for your dream dress. We hope you say YES!

All Over Sparkle

We all want to shine bright like a diamond and what better way than to have a dress dripping in sparkle. Your wedding dress can have beading, sequins, pearl detailing, metallic coloring, shimmer or a combination of these. Brides can even add some sparkle to a lace dress to give it more pop when walking down the isle or having the first dance. You can go from over the top to subtle! But no worries this trend will guarantee all eyes on you. This 2019 wedding trend is perfect for those who want to feel extra special on their special day.

Tip: You don’t need to search the world for the perfect accessories because you are your own accessory!

Pockets! Pockets! Pockets!

Surprise all your guests when you pull your vows out of your POCKETS! With this wedding trend, you can have and hold any of your wedding day essentials. Who says your wedding dress can’t be beautiful and functional? Not only can you hide your phone in those pockets, but you can put your hands in them! This is perfect for those brides who don’t know where to put their hands when taking wedding photos. To keep the pockets hidden, they are sewed into the side seam of the skirt. With the growing number of brides looking for this today, we look forward to seeing how designers incorporate this new trend into more dresses.


For the bride that is more whimsical and theatrical, adding a cape will do wonders for your big day look. With a cape, it’s perfect for those who want to be modest. With lots of different styles out you’re bound to find one that matches your style. You’re able to change the length for drama or material for your desired movement, such as fur, lace, or feathers. Another fun addition to capes is adding decorations like a string of diamonds that drapes over you shoulders for something flashier. Capes have become much more versatile over the years. Some can be built in for the wedding or just an accessory for photos. It can be ideal for fall or winter weddings! Those who live here in Washington State know it can get chilly and you don’t want to cover up that dress with a coat. We don’t have a doubt that a cape can make you feel powerful.

Illusion Bodice

The illusion bodices have been on the rise for the past couple years; giving the average women a way to show both skin while staying more conservative. You’re able to change the material based off how much you are wanting to show. You can have your dress semi-sheer along the neckline or lower down onto the skirt. Another fun thing about illusion bodices is you can use lace to soften the look or tulle for a more city inspired look. For those who are willing to embrace this trend, Samila Boutique will do everything we can to make you feel comfortable in fitting you into the dress of your dreams! Ask about our nude liners.

Clean and Minimal

Last year we had the biggest event of the year: the Royal wedding! Meghan Markle walked down the isle in a simple and elegant Givenchy wedding dress. Making a new “simple is better” trend for 2019. Now we can’t wait to see you embrace this look. Lots of brides want big, bold and flashy but the new Dutchess has shined a new light on minimal. These clean cut dresses have extraordinary craftsmanship that you won’t be able to take your eyes off of. A nice silk or satin (glossy or matte) material with clean lines will bring you a delicate trendy surprise and a blank canvas for accessorizing. We, at Samila Boutique, will find you a dress fit for a royal Wedding.

3D Lace

We all love lace—it’s delicate and romantic. For years, countless women have been looking for ways to modernize this timeless look. Brides can look ethereal with 3D lace! Giving a 3D element to lace adds an extra pop that will make the bride feel like a fairy. Flowers made of chiffon or tulle can give brides that fantasy like movement that they only dreamed of while walking down the isle. Having this 3D element can help define the waistline and adds gorgeous texture. Make an appointment at our boutique and come feel this lace for yourself.

Soft A-Line

A-line is a very classic cut and it’s never going out of style. It’s a flattering look—it’s fitted at the top and flares out naturally at the waist. The trend this year has shifted to a soft A-line, where there is less chemise in the skirt. This style fits closer to the body and can be very flattering. The look is delicate and will look amazing on every body type.

Detachable Skirts

What I told you that you can have one wedding dress, but two amazing looks. Detachable skirts allow you to have a unique, custom dress that will surprise all our guests. You can have the dramatic skirt for your ceremony and/or first dance and then take it off to reveal a different look for your reception. This is also perfect for brides who can’t decide between what style and shape they want. You don’t have to decide between a ball gown or mermaid, you can have both! This is a great, affordable option for brides on a budget.

We have most of these designers in our bridal showroom and we’ll happily assist you in finding the dress of your dreams!

Contributor: Ann Dinh

It’s Spring time and Prom season is here! If you weren’t aware then you are now. Prom is the event of the year when you’re a senior in high school. It’s the event that everyone looks forward to as they hit that last year of high school, other than graduation. It’s a significant event in almost every teen movie out there. It’s a tradition that has been a part of American culture since the late 19th century and it’s been adopted by other countries throughout the years. That’s a long time. When you think about it, your parents probably went to prom. Of course when you hear about your parents’ prom, you want to see their old prom pictures. Specifically, you want to see your mom’s prom dress.

We are in the generation where Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat exist and we’re able to see exactly when trends start and end at the tip of our fingers. For people existing in the 1990’s, they weren’t able to know what was fashionable as soon as it started. So we’re lucky to have our phones to figure out what to wear for prom. It’s crazy how prom dress styles have evolved over the years. This is a recap of what women use to wear at prom.


The 30s was when prom started becoming popular with the middle class. During this decade, girls wore sleek, floor length, modest dresses.  There was an emphasis on the natural waist with seams starting just below the bust.


The 40s silhouette is thought to be the sexy, pin up look of an open neck and a pencil skirt. But most of the fashion consisted of a modest top, fitted waist and knee length A-line skirt. That look was also present at prom, but with a longer gown and puffed sleeves. The tops of dresses started evolving into more structured lines to give girls a more hourglass shape.  Dresses and gowns were simple and shiny back then and would be more on the casual side. But you would find girls who wanted to be more daring by showing their shoulders. Towards the end of the 40s, girls started wearing fuller skirts.


In the 50s, you would most likely see big, full skirts—more specifically tulle skirts were popular. The fuller the better. Dresses during this decade were either tea length or floor length. Having ruffles on the skirt was a nice option that gave girls a nice pop. The bodice of the dresses became more curve hugging and shoulder baring. Having a tiny looking waist was the look of the decade.


Entering this new decade, you would see a big shift in style. Dresses then, had higher waistlines and slimmer skirts. The style of tops also changed, dresses moved towards spaghetti straps and boatnecks. Later in the decade girls were into the empire waist. Though in the mid 60s and into the 70s, there was dip in the popularity of prom and that might have been due to the cultural and political issues at the time, such as the Vietnam War and the anti-establishment movement.


The 70s was known as the age of flower power disco. Fashion during this time was so diverse and experimental. Prominently we saw more loose, flowy dresses. But we still saw the slim skirt from the 60s. Most dresses had long bell sleeves or they were off the shoulder. But then the movie Carrie came out and we saw a slight shift to a clean-lined strappy dress with a flowy skirt.


During this decade, we saw the rebirth of prom. We also saw bold styles, colors, and silhouettes. It was the decade of the power dresser but also of punks. I would say Madonna was a big influencer of the 80s. Girls during this time were spotted with a nice big bow and poof! The sleeves and skirts were so poofy. And surprisingly ruffles made a comeback. This is reminiscent of the 50s. We also saw them embrace metallic. Now imagine all those three elements together, I would say that they define the 80s.


The 90s was the time of grunge (which is still popular now). Unfortunately, that style didn’t apply to prom dresses like I thought it would. We still saw the same metallic sheen from the 80s. But off the shoulder came back and sweetheart necklines became popular. The waistline of the dresses dropped though and dresses became sleek and slim. We saw the “Carrie” look come back. Later in the 90s slip dresses became very popular and it’s a style that I still see girls wear causally. The dresses did range from floor length to mini dresses.


Prom hit its peak in the early 2000s and hello! —we were graced with amazing prom-centric teen movies, like Mean Girls, A Cinderella Story, and She’s All That. We saw higher necklines, like halter tops, begin to become very trendy. Beaded dresses with sparkly embellishments and bright colors were well known parts of the early 2000s.


In the 2010s we saw a total shift of style. We can thank social media for that. With the rise of social media, the need to be talked about rised as well. Celebrities started being more daring on the red carpet for attention and we can see girls wanting to mimic those same looks. In the past few years, We’ve seen a lot of two piece looks that show off the midriff, high slits, and cutouts, and bodycon. Check out our 2019 Prom Trends Lookbook for more styles.

The 2020s can now either be consistent with the styles today or it could go in a completely different direction. No matter what happens, even if we look back and cringe, hopefully every girl feels beautiful in whatever dress they choose then. But for now maybe we can draw inspiration from past decades for a more unique look. Perhaps the 50s style will come back?

Contributor: Ann Dinh

We always see such stunning wedding photos and just pray that our wedding photographer gets those jaw dropping pictures too! We decided to put together some photos together that are must haves for you photographer to take on your big day!

Getting ready
Getting ready wedding photos with your bridesmaids 4 /
18 Must Have Family Wedding Photos ❤ See more: <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"><noscript><img class=
Hi! My name is Jeanne Pittman and I am a Younique Presenter. Please visit my Pinterest board at If there are any questions that you may have for me email me at eyeslashout@yahoo... or visit my website at

Oh my goodness this photo is so amazing and a tear jerker for sure! This is the beautiful moment the groom sees his stunning bride walk down the isle, a fleeting moment captured forever. Have you ever considered wether or not the groom wants to unveil the bride? That raises the question, veil or no veil.

Father bride/ Mother bride

Father/Daughter...I know my dad will be like this.:
Father of the bride with bride
Photo: Jennifer Childress Photography:
Mother of the bride with bride

A beautiful moment captured. A milestone in our lives and our parents lives! These are the images that are timeless and we look back on. Who wouldn’t want to capture it?

Under veil
Love the couples' expressions in this photo.:
Incredible Wedding Photos of Couples That Go Above & Beyond - Veiled:

THIS! We know every fashion and beauty blogger that’s been married has had this super cute photo taken and boy is it a kodak moment! We’ve had so many photographers tell us they love long veils for pictures!

At first sight
Here she comes! You can practically feel the love and excitement in this pre first look wedding photo.:
first look photos - photo by Alex Lasota

A more recent trend people have been incorporating into their big day is the “first look”. After the bride and groom are ready they reveal themselves to each other in a super beautiful intimate moment. The pure emotion captured ( and tears) are a precious moment so capture it!

First dance
First Dance Wedding Shots /
"It's you and me and all the other people, and I don't know why I can't keep my eyes off of you.":

Who doesn’t get a first dance photo???! A cute tradition full of joy. Get  a picture from every angle to capture the day!

elegant bride // photo by Valentina Glidden //
I want a picture like this when I get married :):

The anticipation and excitement for the big day finally being here is written all over a brides face!

What are your favorite photos from weddings? Are any of the ones on our list your faves as well? If you are a previous Samila bride we would love to see your wedding photos!