To veil or not to veil, that’s the question on every brides mind isn’t it? We all know veils are a staple tradition for a bride, some say its from the ancient Greeks or Romans who thought it would ward off evil spirits, or the more commonly known tradition, the Bride and Groom not seeing each other before the wedding. Either way brides now days are choosing to forgo this tradition, should you?


Ultimately the decision is personal preference. We put together a mini checklist to help with your decision.


Tradition or Modern?

DELPHINE | Ultra soft chapel length veil:  Picture ideas- Justin won't be in a suit he will be wearing white linen shirt with khaki pants or tan linen pants whatever is the least hottest lol super simple & Paxx will match him:

Are you a bride who is going along with traditions for your wedding or taking a modern approach? Most brides go for the tradition “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”, but are starting to create their own traditions for their weddings and making them more personalized per family.


Does it go with my dress?

Elvie gold mother of pearl floral wedding hair vine - Guide to wedding veils | Britten Weddings:

Sometimes a veil just “makes” the dress, it feels right and puts it all together, and sometimes it just doesn’t. If you’re trying on dresses we suggest trying on a veil or two at different lengths and types to determine if it feels right or not.


If yes, what type?

One tier, Fingertip or Chapel length veil with Paloma Re-embroidered Lace edging…:  Live in Montreal and looking for vintage rentals and handmade items to compliment your wedding venues? please visit

Ok so not everyone is going to want to rock a cathedral length veil, but you haven’t decided if you want one at all. Try on a few styles and lengths and see if any of them speak out to you. Some styles suit some dresses better than others, your stylist who is assisting you will know what styles work best for each type of dress so ask them for some help if you can’t decide.


All night long?

Wedding reception games and unique ideas to keep guests happy! - Wedding Party I like the send-off with paper airplanes idea:

Another way to have both options is to have is to have your veil attached to a removable hairpiece that won’t make your hairstyle fall a part so that you can have the veil for the ceremony and pictures, then let your hair ( or veil in this case) down for the reception! It’s a win win!

Don’t feel bad if grandma wants you to wear one but you don’t. It’s your big day and you celebrate that however you want! We have a beautifully hand picked selection of elegant veils for our brides and stylists who are here to help you choose the dress of your dreams and perhaps veil too!

You said yest to your dress!…what do you wear under your wedding dress? Well we know we wear underwear etc but does it matter what you wear? The answer is yes, very much yes. Undergarments can make or break a look and fit of a dress, smooth out any lumps and bumps and hold things in place when you have low backs or fronts etc. we put together some info for you ladies depending on what style you decide to rock on your big day!



Strapless dresses are always so beautiful! BUT what are you going to do bra wise??? Ok no, going without isn’t usually an it? Most dresses have some sort of “cups” built into the dress already, but lets be real, that offer no support. You have a few options 1. If the dress has a lace up back then having the dress altered to put in more fitting cups into the dress is an options as you can lace up the dress pretty snug without everything moving during your day. 2. You could invest in a corset like undergarment that will hold everything in place and support your chest without making the “shelf” look.

 Strapless Beach Wedding Dress by Casablanca Bridal 2016 /


Main Image - Felina '8276' Strapless Underwire Bustier

source: Nordstrom 


Backless / Low back / Keyhole

Ok so backless dresses are one of my FAVES! They add a beautiful elegance and sexiness at the same time without showing it all. So you have this stunning dress but normal bras or even strapless bras don’t work, so what do you do? Sticky bras! Yes sticky bras is an official word >.> . The adhesive bras are great for giving a little shape without having to wear a full bra. Keep in mind these don’t work like a fully strapped bra with the same support, more so for a little bit of a “pick me up” to give a little lift. There are also these awesome shapeware body suits that have clear plastic straps if you are looking for a little more support and don’t mind the straps.

Bryce and Rachel's elegant and understated wedding, featuring our exquisite Inca gown.:  You’ll look classic and divine in this sheath Chiffon wedding dress. This wedding gown highlights fine Diamante detailing on its waist, shoulder straps, and in the keyhole head-turning back. The back zips up supporting sparkling crystal buttons and the adapted bodice boasts soft ruching. It’s the perfect wedding dress you need for a little price and a great look!

Main Image - Nordstrom Lingerie Seamless Push-Up NuBra Backless shapewear for backless wedding dresses. - awesome idea:

source: Nordstrom


Plunging necklines

Oh so risque! Who doesn’t love these sexy dresses? This one is pretty easy, there are these awesome bras that are designed for the plugggnneee. They look kinda funny but trust me they work wonders! If you have a smaller chest and like being free these over sized nipple pastie bra things are perfect!

Beach Wedding Dress by Berta Spring 2016 Bridal /  Lurelly Bridal - Belle Lookbook Sexy Plunge Neckline Wedding Dresses:

Main Image - Nordstrom Lingerie Convertible Plunge Bra Main Image - Nordstrom Lingerie Le Lusion Adhesive Soft Cups

source: Nordstrom, Nordstrom


Halter / One Shoulder

For our brides who are rocking a halter dress we have you covered! Like any halter top or dress the same rules apply really. You can go free and not wear a bra if you alter your dress to have proper inserts or we suggest (yep you guested it ) the sticky bra! If you haven’t guessed already we love this! Its suuuuppeerrr useful for so many styles AND reusable!

Want to look immensely delicate and romantic on your wedding day? Then all you need is to look for lace wedding dresses. Whether the complete dress is made of lace or just small part, it’s a excellent look that never goes out of style. Check out how to look gorgeous with your perfect lace wedding … Continue reading Lace Wedding Dresses – Vintage And Sophisticated:  lihi hod bridal 2016 dolce vita champagne off white ivory sleeveless wedding dress halter neck lace bodice skirt pockets zoom:

Main Image - Nordstrom Lingerie Ultra Light NuBra


Mermaid / Trumpet

For these stunners you want to be wearing something that fits super snug around the hips and tumny area.

24 Mermaid Wedding Dresses From Top World Designers ❤ See more: #wedding #dresses #mermaid:  christina wu brides spring 2017 bridal sleeveless illusion straps vneck fully lace embellished trumpet wedding dress (15625) bv train romantic elegant:

 Maidenform Shapewear Easy-Up Firm Control Strapless Slip 2304 - Women's

source: unknown, Kohls


A Line / Ballgown

Ahh the beautiful A line dress and the dress to end all dresses, the ballgown. The dresses we dream of as little girls! One thing im pretty sure we never dreamed about is what do you wear underneath them? Well lucky for you its pretty simple and we have covered these ones already, woot woot! So for these, depending on the back of the dress you can get away with a strapless body shaper OR if you have a lace up back, you can just go bare! Yup thats right bare it all! ( not really but you get what I mean). Lace up dresses are great because thet hold you in oh so nice and snug so you don’t have to worry about a bra, but if you still are concerned about any lumps and bumps then a body shaper is the way to go. This helps smooth out any bumps and does make lacing up easier. They are also great if you have a strapless or keyhole back as well!

D2085 A-line wedding dress with illusion lace by Essense of Australia! Shop @  Stunning Atelier Pronovias Wedding Dresses - MODwedding:
Maidenform Firm Control Bodybriefer Easy Up Strapless Body Shaper 1256

source: Kohls


Sheath / Column Dress

These timeless dresses are to die for! For the chic bride who doesn’t want all the poof and frills this is a perfect match! For these you want to wear a slip underneith

Limor Rosen 2016 Wedding Dresses — “Treasure” Bridal Collection | Wedding Inspirasi | "Sarina" -- Beaded Lace Column/Sheath Wedding Gown Showcasing A Sleeveless Blouson Bodice With V Neckline & Spaghetti Straps××××:  Long sleeved lace dress:

SPANX Light Control Colorblock Slip FS2515 SPANX Firm Control Two-Timing Reversible Half Slip 10045R

source: Macy’s, Macy’s


We hope this helps with the big mystery on what to wear underneath your dress for your big day! make your appointment today to find your dream dress with us at Samilas Boutique! (425) 558 5714

So you’re having a destination wedding! Congrats! I bet you can’t wait to be having the best day ever surrounded by the most important and loving people! But….how… do you get your stunning dress to your stunning destination? don’t worry we have this covered! We have a few options here to keep your mind at ease.


how to pack your dress

Image result for wedding dress box Image result for wedding dress bag

If you plan on shipping your dress, you need to make sure that its packed properly to avoid any issues on your big day. Fold your dress into the box in the shape of a “Z” to avoid harsh wrinkles, or use a large enough box that you only need to fold it once at the bottom of the bodice. Layer the dress with acid free tissue in between each layer with the bodice on top and more tissue paper on the top of that. If you plan on bringing you dress on a plane or by car then we suggest a garment bag, usually you would receive one when you pick up your dress from the store.


Dont forget!

And finally, this rose gold and crystal comb can accent your curls or updo in a feminine and sophisticate way.:  This hair comb is a charming piece to frame your hairdo and attach the flyaway veil.:

Bring all your accessories and tid bits to go with your outfit with you on your carry on, yes your carry on. These include things like your veil (if you have one), shoes, jewelry etc.


Shipping your dress

Image result for wedding dress box

As we mentioned earlier, if you wish to ship your dress (Or box it for carry on instead of a garment bag) you can take advantage of all-in-one kits like this one from The Association of Wedding Gown Specialists. You of course can ship it yourself using Fedex or UPS, but be sure to get insurance ( for as much as you can) and double check with the services that they deliver to your destination and what days and times, you wouldn’t want them to deliver it on the wrong day or not ship to that location! Make sure to have your box labelled “Wedding Dress”, yes people who work in mail rooms are human and will take care if they know whats inside.


Taking it on your flight

Image result for wedding dress on plane Image result for wedding dress plane

Ok so you don’t want to ship it, that’s totally fine! You can actually bring your dress with you on your flight ( no you don’t have to buy another ticket and put it in a seat, or wear it), this is a good idea of you want to make sure nothing happens to it or just want to keep it close to you. You have a few options here, we don’t recommend checking in your dress, because well….we have all seen our luggage after a long flight and they look like they have been a part of fight club. so what are you options when flying? Well you can box it up and bring it as carry on and put it in the over head compartments. You can also bring it in a garment bag on your flight, yes you can do that! Call ahead and make sure you can do so with your airline (most of them are totally fine with it) and ask how you go about doing so, some airlines are a little different, but most of them you just ask a flight attendant to hang it up in the onboard closet ( yes they have those for flight attendant personal items) when you get to the gate and they are more than happy to oblige, but we do suggest calling ahead to make sure 🙂


Drive it

Image result for wedding car

Ok so you arn’t going to Hawaii for your wedding, but it is a little bit away from where its located now :/ The safest way for you to get your dress to your destination is to literally drive it. Im not joking here people! If you plan on driving to your destination then why not bring the dress with you buy car? If you have the ability I suggest putting down the back seats and laying your dress down, so the dress gets minimal creasing on the trip over. If not we suggest hanging the dress from the back hook on the bar above the door and laying the rest of the dress across the back seats. both of these scenarios we advise putting the dress into a garment bag to protect the dress from the sun, dirt or any potential damage.


I hope this helps and gives you ladies some ideas on how to bring your dress with you when you ave a destination wedding! We got you girl! Also CONGRATS! Come and say haaayy to our lovely girls at Samila Boutique and make your appointment today! (425) 558 5714

So I know we are now in the age where we almost buy everything online, even our groceries. There are so many advantages to buying things online, free shipping, shopping from the comfort of your couch while watching Game of Thrones, being able to buy in bulk and of course the usual lower cost! But at what price (no pun intended)? We all know the saying “if it’s too good to be true, it usually is”, well this is 99% of the cases we see from girls buying prom dresses online from sites that make dresses in China.

The Low Down

The whole thing usually goes down like this, we see a super amazing runway dress for $200, yes omg! Such an amazing deal, you get to buy a custom designer dress for a fraction of the cost! Shipping will only take about 2 months because things from China always take forever, but that’s ok because you started your prom dress shopping early! You finally get a box and you realize its your dress!!! You rip that thing apart like its Christmas to only feel a pit in your stomach to see it that your dress looks NOTHING like the one pictured on the site….what…just..happened? It’s ok, maybe if you try it on it will look better, you know how dresses sometimes look weird on hangers but look bomb when you put it on? Maybe that’s whats happening, so you go and put on the dress and you realize that no, its not just the “hanger effect”, your dress is a disaster! You try and email the people you bought the dress from only to find they don’t reply or they say they can’t refund you because somewhere they say “imitation” or “alike to designer *blank*” or they say because it’s a custom dress they don’t do refunds. You now are $200 down and have to find a new dress.

We see this same story happen over and over again with girls trying to buy designer dresses for a fraction of the cost of the real thing. We arn’t saying don’t buy online, because let’s be real, those Nasty Gal and ASOS deals are amazing and are a steal. We recommend going shopping at an actual store for your dress because who doesn’t love playing dress up for an afternoon with your girlfriends? You get to share that amazing experience with your girls and know that the dress you’re getting isn’t some sketchy dress made of bad material and fits you perfectly!

If you STILL are unsure about buying online from stores like Rosegal, JJs House etc, we compiled some of other peoples experiences with buying from sites like these. We see this thing ALL THE TIME, so please do yourself and your wallet a favor and buy local!



Ok ok i know there is a lot of text, but thats ok! Here is an NBC segment on the very issue girls and the industry are facing:


Online Prom Dress Disasters


Expectation vs Reality

Image result

Related image

Image result

Image result for prom dress disasters



How to Avoid Dress Drama

So you want to buy a dress online, ok cool! So here are some things to think about:

Check Prices

If the dress you are looking at is at a significant discount to what you see everywhere else or what the designer has it at, then this is usually a red flag.

CC vs Debit Cards

Ok so if you find the dress you’re looking for I suggest using a credit card instead of a debit card. In the case that something bad happens you have a lot more security with a credit card than a debit card.

Custom Made

So another sign you should probably be wary of the site is if you have to put in all your measurements and they have a super long list of color choices. This usually means the dresses are made in china.


If these pictures aren’t enough to deter you from buying from these sites, then my best wishes are to you, i truly hope you don’t find yourself in the pickle these ladies have been in. Don’t forget that prom season is around so stop buy to make sure you have an amazing shopping experience! Click here for our store hours or give us a call! (425) 558 5714

Have you had a online shopping disaster or know someone who has? Comment down below and share you story!!

Hey ladies! So I’m sure you have been seeing these awesome “fluffy” looking things being used in wedding decor on pinterest. What are they? They are these awesome fluffy looking dried leaves! They have been all the rage for a hot minute and are super cheap to! If you have no idea what so ever what on earth im on about, check out bellow on how you could use it on your big day!


Line the Isle with these stunning plumes of grass to give your wedding a luxe unique look on your big day. These looks like stunning large feathers without the cost!




2. Backdrop

Add some pampas grass as a backdrop for selfies or a photobooth! These are a cool new way to use them! They give great texture to your natural photobooth/ backdrops.





3. Bouquet

Add some to your bouquet for some texture for a rustic look for all you outdoor wedding brides. This is a cheap way to add some warm tones and some variety in length as well.





4. Center Pieces

Add some as hanging or table center pieces arrangements at the reception  for a dense large way to add texture at the reception. These looks so lovely like feathers!






5. Archway

Making an archway or set at the alter



c3ad017c58e7edc2efdea4623a7e65d2 (1)



so what do you guys think of pampas grass? yay or nay? We think they add a sense of rustic luxe that is super affordable and super beautiful! Definitely an under used decor item in weddings. This grass complements any romantic, rustic, outdoor wedding!




While planning your wedding the questions pops up, do we realllyyy need a wedding video? Yes…the answer is yes you should. I believe a good wedding videographer is just as important as a good photographer. We all know how it tickles our hearts to go over our wedding photos and re live the magical day and having a good team behind the scenes to capture that is what will make the day even more magical! If you don’t believe us here are some tear jerking wedding videos we think will change your mind 😉


This one is so cute! Who wouldn’t shed a tear when the groom does??!!! This one is super cute!


The grooms vows to his daughter will make you ugly cry!

Gabrial and Jess’s wedding video is breathe taking! This is one you HAVE to watch.


Of course we had to put in another that will make your masacra run. This is so sweet and it truly is #relationshipgoals

the beginning speech is the most beautiful, definitely get the tissues for this one!


I hope these videos help you decide to have a videographer at your wedding. Photographers can catch the special moments, but videographers can capture the beautiful moments that photos miss. What do you guys think, to video or not to video? We definitely had some ugly cry moments watching these beautiful stories of these couples.