Bridal Sample Sales Do’s & Don’ts

Bridal sample sales!!!! Ummm but what are they? Are they worth it and what are the dos and don’ts? We put together a little cheat sheet for you ladies to take out all the guess work so you can relax and enjoy to sales!

So what exactly is a sample sale? Sample sales usually come about at the beginning of the wedding season to make room for new gowns for the season. Sample sales are a great way to save money for the savvy bride. We do have some things to be mindful of when going into a sample sale, it’ something you don’t want to go in unprepared, trust us!

Be open minded

If you plan on being successful at finding a dress at these events, it must be said that going in with an open mind to styles is a must. You may not find the exact dress you’ve been looking for all your life, but you may find something that looks amazing on you and at a handsome discount!


We suggest finding out if the store holding the sample sales need an appointment. Some stores that are famed for having their huge “trample” sample sales which can be scary and require you to stand in line outside at 5am….its a thing. Others have a lot less drama and require an appointment to get to the sample sale which means there is a lot less to worry about and you can relax.

Research ladies!

Yes you have to do some homework before you go to these things, but don’t worry you’ll like this kind of homework. Have a look at the stores that are doing the sample sales and see what lines they carry and see what information you can get on what designers they have up for the sample sale.


Underwear! Yes you heard me, make sure you wear the right underwear to the sample sale. You want to make sure you bring a strapless bra, nude panties and some heels! We suggest bringing heels that will be the same or similar height as the ones you would wear on your day. Also spanx…if you plan on wearing them on your big day then bring them to the sample sale so you get the best idea for fit.

No size 0

Don’t think that sample sales are only for ladies who are a size 0 – 4. The sample sales range in size depending on the designer so we suggest asking the stores when you inquire about their events what sizes to expect.

We love sample sales and we have some lined up for you ladies! Don’t forget to make your appointments ladies! Call us to make yours (425) 558-5714

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