Bridal Trunk Shows 101

Brides to be hear about trunk shows, but what are they? Are they important? Should you go? We put together some info for you ladies to put your busy minds at ease!

What is a Trunk show?

Trunk shows are events by bridal designers to show off new lines. Many stores only carry a few dresses from each designer, so this is a good chance for brides to be to try on dresses in store that they wouldn’t usually get a chance to.

Should a bride-to-be attend them?

If you find yourself liking quite a few styles from a particular designer, having a look for their trunk shows is a good idea. It gives you the chance to try on all the dresses they have to offer from their newest line. Trunk shows are a great opportunity to have a great time shopping for dresses and seeing the latest styles first! Many stores also have a designer representative or the designer themselves there, to help answer any questions. Designers, representatives and store stylists work with you one-on-one to find the best fit, style and look for your big day including customizing gowns just for you.

What to expect at a trunk show?

Most stores or designers that host exclusive trunk shows are by appointment only. You will be assigned a personal stylist who will guide you through the whole process, find your style with you, accessories and help you in and out of all your dresses. Trunk shows don’t always mean discounts, but some do give you a discount if you purchase your dress on the day, never hurts to ask!

Tips for trunk show rookies

  1. Know what to expect when you’re expecting…..a trunk show
    If you find a trunk show on, find the designers website and have a look at what styles they have to get a better idea about what kind of dresses may be in the new line.
  2. Keep your dance card empty
    Trunk shows usually happen jan-march so keep and eye for them when you start shopping for dresses. Call your local bridal boutiques to see if they have trunk shows during the year and if they have discounts.
  3. The Squad
    As tempting as it may be to bring the whole crew, its usually best to keep your group to 1-2 people. We suggest bringing someone who you trust their judgement.
    Say yes to the dress!
    Be prepared to find “the dress”. Many brides-to-be go to trunk shows and then realize they found the dress they’ve been looking for! Make sure that if you are going to one, to prepare yourself (and your wallet) for the event!
  4. Dresses and veils and belts oh my!
    Trunk shows aren’t limited to wedding dresses. Many stores also carry stunning bridal accessories like belts, veils, headpieces and garters, so don’t forget to ask about those as well.

We hope this sheds a little light on what trunk shows are so you can go in prepared for your appointments! They are a great way to view lines before anyone else, for those on trend brides. Samila boutique hosts trunk shows for our brides-to-be, here is our 2017 lineup! Call us to secure your spot, they fill up fast! (425) 558 5714

18th February 2017
Trunk show: Casablanca Bridal Spring 2017

25th February 2017
Trunk show: Amare by Casablanca Bridal

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