Casablanca Bridal

Welcome to our Casablanca Bridal collection available at Samila Boutique! As one of our largest collections in our showroom, we’ve been in love with Casablanca Bridal since the first dress arrived in our shop. What truly makes Casablanca unique is their dedication to designing dresses not just for the wedding but for the marriage. Their slogan is “celebrate forever” and they want to design dresses that will stand the test of time just like marriage. The first step in making every dress feel like “the one” is giving the ability to customize any dress. Custom dresses allow brides to transform a stunning dress into something that truly feels like their energy and personality.
Casablanca Bridal uses the highest quality materials and all dresses are made custom to order which means your dress is made for you. Whether you want custom measurements or custom sleeves added, Casablanca can customize anything for a reasonable price. With the ability to customize dresses, even previous collections can be updated with new wedding dress trends of the season. Even with intricate beadwork patterns, Casablanca Bridal can alter or add these patterns anywhere on your gown. Compared to other designers, Casablanca owns their own manufacturing facility to maintain quality and keep their customization costs lower.
With a wide range of elegant ballgowns to chic fit and flares, Casablanca Bridal has wedding dresses for every bride. Known for their intricate and unique details, Casablanca dresses feature fine beadwork and unique laces with stunning structure. Casablanca has been one of the fastest-growing designers due to their dedication to allowing brides freedom in wearing a dress that reflects who they are. Also carried in our showroom is the Beloved collection by Casablanca Bridal. Beloved carries the same customizations principles as Casablanca but is a more affordable option for some brides.
At Samila Boutique, we’ve been so lucky to carry Casablanca Bridal so that we can also have the option to design exclusive dresses for our showroom. In order to expand our own collection, having custom samples gives us an opportunity to provide selections that may not have been available before. Casablanca Bridal’s ability to customize any dress however you want at a reasonable price has impressed the bridal community. Any bride that sees a Casablanca dress will recognize the quality and hand-craftsmanship and will adore the way it feels on the body. To try this collection for yourself, book an appointment today at Samila Boutique!

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