2019 Prom Color Lookbook
2019 Prom Color Lookbook

2019 Prom Dress Colors

When picking out the color of your prom dress, you might consider multiple factors. You might want the color to complement your skin tone, undertone, hair color, eyes, accessories, or even your date. No matter the reason, you’re sure to find the perfect dress.

Black Color Lookbook
Green & Mint Color Lookbook
Blue Color Lookbook
Gold & Silver Color Lookbook
Pink & Blush Color Lookbook
Yellow Color Lookbook
White & Ivory Color Lookbook
Red & Burgundy Color Lookbook
Nude & Neutrals Color Lookbook

We’ve provided a color lookbook just for you to see what different shades are available in your preferred color. One thing to keep in mind while choosing the color is your skin tone—sounds silly, but trust us when we say it makes the biggest difference. If you have a darker skin tone, you could go with bold colors, such as jewel tones, or pastels. Jewel tones consist of ruby, sapphire, emerald, and deep purple. For medium skin tones choose earth tones such as: forest green, mustard yellow, red, or brown. For girls with a fair skin tone, some great options would be pastel colors.

Another detail to pay attention to while picking the color is your undertone. The goal in this is to match whether you have more warm, cool, or neutral tones in your skin. You will want to see what color your veins are to determine this. If your veins are green, then you are warm toned. That means you would look good in warm colors or colors that reflect nature. You would look stunning in yellow, red, coral, orange, or gold. If you want to go for a cool tone look, you can go for the warmer versions of cool colors such as violet-red or olive.

If your veins are blue, then you are cool toned, and you would look great in cool colors. Shades of blue, green, purple, pink, and silver would look glamorous on you. If you want to go on the warm side, you should wear cooler versions of warm colors such as, ruby, or pale yellow. If you can’t tell, or if you see both colors, then you’re neutral toned. Your undertone allows you to wear any color you choose—but it would be best to go for soft versions of a color instead of the brighter ones. An exception to neutral toned skin would be a bright red. Black would also look fabulous on you. There are some colors that look great on everyone, such as pure white, blush pink, and eggplant purple. You don’t have to follow this list—you can wear whatever color you want.

If you want to wear a color that will make your eyes pop, we have some suggestions for you. If you have blue eyes, your best colors would be nude, deep blue, light greens, and all shades of pink. Green eyes will look good with purple, emerald, coral, or pale yellow. The best colors for hazel eyes are dark neutrals, orange, lavender, or burgundy. For those brown-eyed girls, try wearing soft pink, gold, rich blues, or khaki green.

At the end of the day, the choice is up to you! You can just go with your favorite color. You don’t have to follow a guide to figure out what color is the best. Just try on multiple colors and have your friends and family help you find the perfect dress.

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