Top 5 wedding videos that will make you cry!

While planning your wedding the questions pops up, do we realllyyy need a wedding video? Yes…the answer is yes you should. I believe a good wedding videographer is just as important as a good photographer. We all know how it tickles our hearts to go over our wedding photos and re live the magical day and having a good team behind the scenes to capture that is what will make the day even more magical! If you don’t believe us here are some tear jerking wedding videos we think will change your mind 😉


This one is so cute! Who wouldn’t shed a tear when the groom does??!!! This one is super cute!


The grooms vows to his daughter will make you ugly cry!

Gabrial and Jess’s wedding video is breathe taking! This is one you HAVE to watch.


Of course we had to put in another that will make your masacra run. This is so sweet and it truly is #relationshipgoals

the beginning speech is the most beautiful, definitely get the tissues for this one!


I hope these videos help you decide to have a videographer at your wedding. Photographers can catch the special moments, but videographers can capture the beautiful moments that photos miss. What do you guys think, to video or not to video? We definitely had some ugly cry moments watching these beautiful stories of these couples.

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