Calla Blanche

Welcome to the Calla Blanche collection available at Samila Boutique! Known for the stunning modern designs, this Canada-based designer has never been afraid to make something totally unique. Using breathtaking unique laces and quality fabrics, Calla Blanche transforms classic silhouettes into modern masterpieces. Also available at Samila Boutique is the L’amour by Calla Blanche collection which takes these stunning trends into a more affordable range for the everyday bride. For the bride that desires a couture look without the sticker-shock, L’amour makes these designs more accessible. Seeing a high fashion look in a magazine or online shouldn’t feel unobtainable.
Priding themselves on being a contemporary designer, L’amour blends clean chic fashion with unique lace accents. Stunning designs that put a twist on elegant silhouettes, L’amour is daring with intricate sleeves and capes with some styles. Whether you’re a bride that wants an elegant modern ballgown or a boho-insired wedding dress, L’amour has “the one”. As a bride, you want your dress to make as much of an impression as you. With these couture styles, everyone will be raving about your dress for years. From light ethereal silhouettes to unique statement fit and flares, L’amour has never been afraid to create the next style trends.
Under the umbrella of Calla Blanche, L’amour has access to high quality fabrics while maintaining their affordability. With luxe tulle and light lace, L’amour can create breathtaking unique designs to complement any bride on her wedding day. One of the most desired wedding dress trends of the year has undoubtedly been glitter tulle on every silhouette. L’amour has taken this trend and enhanced it to create astounding glitter tulle designs that softly shimmer underneath modern lace. Just as important as the design, L’amour makes sure that every dress is comfortable to wear all day. With awe-inspiring designs and fit, L’amour is ensured to make any chic bride feel glamorous.
At Samila Boutique, we’ve been ecstatic to carry both L’amour and some Calla Blanche designs. For our modern brides, these styles provide contemporary designs with a subtle twist to make each look unique. In our showroom, L’amour brings the most sparkle and intricate details out of all our entire collection. Brides have fallen in love with L’amour’s couture and affordable styles and we want to introduce everyone to our most contemporary designer. Browse our online collection and book an appointment to try these dresses available at Samila Boutique!

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